Morris Rubenstein
Born 1882
Died 4/14/1906

The translated inscription reads "The esteemed young man (implies he was single) Moshe Leib son of Mr Dovid the Kohain. The days of his life were cut short (on) 5 Tamuz in the year 5666. May his soul dwell in everlasting life."

On July 2, 1906 there was a tragedy at the Hebrew Free School Picnic at Three Rivers. Two young people were drowned, and three saved. One of the drowned was Morris Rubenstein, he was 22 years old, and he was the son of David Rubenstein. Morris sister Anna, who was 17 at the time, survived the accident, and is also named in the article. (The article erroneously states that Morris had only two siblings; he was actually the second oldest of the seven children of David Rubenstein and Pearl Karmen, who both died in 1940).

Two brothers: Harold Rubenstein 1893-1959, and Samuel Rubenstein,
Four sisters: Mrs. Anna (Louis) Goldman died 1974, Mrs. Sarah (Morris H.) Bailes 1879-1968, Mrs. Bertha (Benjamin J.) Singer died 1971, and Mary Rubenstein Cooper 1908-1989, all of Syracuse;
Burial Location
David Rubenstein
Born 1857
Died 10/10/1940 in Syracuse, NY
Pearl (Karmen) Rubenstein
Born 1889
Died 10/17/1940 in Syracuse, NY