David Rubenstein
Born 1857
Died 10/10/1940 in Syracuse, NY

David Rubenstein, 83, a resident of Syracuse 45 years, who died Friday morning in the Jewish Home for the Aged, was buried Friday afternoon in Frumah Packard Cemetery. Mr. Rubenstein is survived by his wife Pearl, two sons Harold Rubenstein 1893-1959, and Samuel Rubenstein, four daughters, Mrs. Anna (Louis) Goldman died 1974, Mrs. Sarah (Morris H.) Bailes 1879-1968, Mrs. Bertha (Benjamin J.) Singer died 1971, and Mary Rubenstein Cooper 1908-1989, all of Syracuse; a brother Samuel Rubenstein.

His 2nd oldest son Morris Rubenstein 1882-1906 died in a drowning accident at a Hebrew School picnic.

The translated inscription reads "Here lies a simple and straightforward man who feared G-d all his life, Mr Dovid son of Yeshayahu the Kohain. Died Yom Kippur Eve 5701. May his soul dwell in everlasting life."

Oct 11 1940 Syracuse Herald
Family links:
Pearl Rubenstein (1889 - 1940)
Son: Sam Rubenstein moved to New Haven, CT as Samuel Shea Roberts May 5, 1899 - Jul 6, 1970 (wife Bertha Roberts)
Burial Location
Pearl (Karmen) Rubenstein
Born 1889
Died 10/17/1940 in Syracuse, NY