Abraham Shapero
Born 1869
Died 3/19/1929 in Syracuse, NY

Daughters: Belle Shapero 1910-2006, Pauline Grossman 1906-1/7/2005, Hilda Shapero 8/9/1908-10/6/1992, Bessie Jacobs 1900-1975, Gladys Levis and Mollie Goldstein 1899-8/18/2000
Sons: Jacob Shapero 1893-1981, Julius Shapero 1896-1984; and Ephraim E. Shapero Esq. 1912-2008;
Grandchildren: locally including Ava (Dr. Irving) Raphael, and (Doris) Shapero; Dr. Richard (Renee) Levy, Dr. Bradley Raphael and Brian Raphael; and Brooke Raphael
Burial Location
Fannie (Strassburg) Shapero
Born 1874
Died 4/19/1929