Rabbi Solomon Agronin
Born 1847
Died 3/11/1911 in Syracuse, NY
New York, USA
Syracuse Herald March 13 1911
The burial of dead in the Frumah Packard cemetery in the Nineteenth ward has been temporarily stopped by an injunction order that Justice Edgar Merrell granted In Supreme court this afternoon. The association, which was organized for charitable purposes, especially to take care of the bodies of poor people of the Jewish faith and to prevent them from being buried In a potter\\'s field, has been using the cemetery for about a year. Three bodies have been interred there, the third one that of Solomon Agronin of No, 1004 Orange street being buried this morning. A permit was granted for the burial of Mr. Agronin this morning and before the funeral took place application was made to Justice Merrell for a temporary injunction. The Court however, declined to grant the injunction in time to stop the funeral, but later when the petition was presented to him he granted It.
Burial Location
Rachel Agronin
Died 11/24/1924