Suzanne (Koenig) Devorsetz
Born 4/13/1939 in Budapest HU
Died 7/25/2020 in Syracuse, NY

 Holocaust Survivor 

Suzanne K. Devorsetz (“Zsuzsi”) was born in Budapest on April 13, 1939 to Alexander Koenig and Rozsi Kohn Koenig. She was a “hidden child” during the Holocaust in Hungary. Her immediate family miraculously survived the war, escaped Communism in 1948, eventually resettling in Munich, Germany.
Suzanne studied and spoke six languages, was hired by Lufthansa and then by El Al Airlines as an interpreter-hostess, and was transferred by El Al to JFK.
Suzanne met Sid, her husband of 59 years, moved to Syracuse and raised three sons, Marc, Andy, and Cary.
She founded Advantage Travel of CNY, Inc. which represented scores of colleges and universities in their international travel semester-abroad programs.
Suzanne particularly enjoyed her work, theater, dance, tennis and skiing, and was profoundly devoted to her family, friends, and her faith. Suzanne was a very private person; those who were fortunate to know her enjoyed her continental charm, grace, hospitality, and wisdom.
She is survived by her husband, sons, daughter-in-law, and four grandchildren.
Funeral services and burial in Frumah Packard Cemetery are private. There will be no Shiva.
Burial Location