Gertrude (Hodes) Meltzer
Born 6/1896 in Myadel, Minsk, Belarus
Died 10/2/1950 in Syracuse, NY

Gertrude Hodes Meltzer was born in June of 1896 in Myadel, Minsk, Belarus. She immigrated to the United States on September 25, 1905 with older sister Yochie/Yocheved Chodosch Chodosch and Yochies infant daughter Hesche/Hattie Chodosch. Her father Reuven Chodosch and her brother Hyman (Chaim) Chodosch/Hordies emigrated from Myadel, Russia to Syracuse, New York in March 1908. On Oct 1914 in Syracuse, New York, she married Mose Meltzer (1891–1973). Birth of Daughter Harriet R Meltzer (1915–1995) on 11 Apr 1915 in Syracuse, Onondaga, New York. Birth of Son Irving Nathan Meltzer (1917–1989) on 31 Mar 1917 in Syracuse, New York, USA. Birth of Son Raymond Meltzer (1920–2001) on 15 Jun 1920. Birth of Son Sanford Meltzer (1933–2007) on 4 Jul 1933 • Syracuse, New York, USA. Died on 2 Oct 1950 • Syracuse, New York, USA.

Sisters: Celia Chodosch/HODES (1884–1909)
Sophia Chodosch/Hodes (1883–1943)
Brother: Hyman Chodosch/Hodes
Burial Location
Mose Meltzer
Born 1892 in Kurenitz, Belarus, Russia RU
Died 12/11/1973 in Syracuse, NY
Reuven Chodosh/Hodes
Born 1846
Died 1918
Chashke (Katzowitz) Chodosh/Hodes
Born 1885