David Tumpowsky
Born 1857
Died 5/25/1922 in Syracuse, NY

David A. Tumpowsky 1922 Syracuse NY- Frumah Packard Assoc., Jamesville Ave.
Syracuse Herald 1922
Bernard Shnadmill today offered a reward for the arrest and conviction of the slayer of his father-in-law, David A. Tumpowsky, shot by a burglar in the Shnadmill home, Roosevelt Avenue, Thursday night. All rites and tributes wore accorded David A. Tumpowsky at his funeral yesterday afternoon. The number of private and public sympathizers visited the Roosevelt Avenue household was so great that visitors had to be kept moving. The sidewalks outside were crowded. Automobiles were parked for two blocks. Mr. Tumpowsky was 62, a retired patrolman. He is survived by his wife, Lena Harrison Tumpowsky, a son, Jesse of NYC, four daughters, Miss Stella Tumpowsky, Mrs. Abraham Schwartz, Mrs. Mollie (Barney) Shnadmill all of Syracuse, and Mrs. Anna (Philip) Horwitz of Chicago.
Grandsons -- R. Donald Schwartz of Syracuse and Richard Tumpowsky of Los Angeles.
Burial Location
Lena S (Harrison) Tumpowsky
Born 1857
Died 2/28/1952 in Syracuse, NY
Max Tumpofsky
Born 1829
Died 12/22/1924
Rocha Roel (Frydman) Tumpowsky