Sarah (Rubenstein) Bailes
Born 1879
Died 12/13/1968 in Detroit, MI


Three brothers -- Harold Rubenstein 1893-1959,
Samuel Rubenstein moved to New Haven, CT as Samuel Shea Roberts May 5, 1899 - Jul 6, 1970 (wife Bertha Roberts),
Morris Rubenstein 1882-1906 died in a drowning accident at a Hebrew School picnic.
four sisters -- Mrs. Louis Goldman. Mrs. Sarah (Morris H.) Bailes 1879-1968, Mrs. Bertha (Benjamin J.) Singer died 1971, and Mary Rubenstein Cooper 1908-1989, all of Syracuse.
Burial Location
Maurice Bailes
Born 1878 in Russia RU
Died 12/1/1940 in Syracuse, NY
David Rubenstein
Born 1857
Died 10/10/1940 in Syracuse, NY
Pearl (Karmen) Rubenstein
Born 1889
Died 10/17/1940 in Syracuse, NY