Audrey "Aud" (Friedman) Grunfield
Born 1936 in Syracuse, NY
Died 7/4/2019 in Franklin, TN

Audrey Friedman Grunfeld was a true woman of independence, and how fitting that she chose to leave us on Independence Day, July 4. She was 82, and resided in Franklin, TN.
A native of Syracuse, Aud as her friends and family called her attended Nottingham HS. A sorority sister at Delta Phi Epsilon, she graduated from SU with a degree in Education. She taught school in Syracuse and Cincinnatus but she stopped teaching because it wasn\'t politically correct at the time to teach after her pregnancy became visible. She then took a career detour to raise her 3 kids and partner with her then husband Walter W. Grunfeld to run the Independent Newspapers in Marathon, NY, where she resided for 21 years. An epic penny pincher, Audrey kept her eye on the business side of things and became very skilled at publishing weekly newspapers.
Audrey had a love for golf, skied and played tennis in the early days, enjoyed pool time, digging in the dirt and working daily crossword puzzles. Marathon episodes of Law and Order gave her endless hours of entertainment all while devouring the pages of crime and mystery novels. Audrey loved her black cat Winslow, wasn\'t a fan of watermelon, never cared which restaurant was chosen but always favored Chinese.
Predeceased by her parents William "Bill" and Edyth Hoffman Friedman, she is survived by her sister Tovia "Toby" (Ed) Trabin; her children Adrienne Chase, David, and Brent (Andrea); as well as grandchildren Isaac, Sam, and Mary ; nieces Faith Trabin (Jeff) Osheroff and Dale Trabin (Marty) Waschitz and Andy Trabin; nephews Martin and Jonathon Braun; and cousins Ellie (Cyril) Freeman, Beth (Scott) Freeman-Warren and Jamie Freeman-Saks.
A graveside service will be held on Monday, July 9 at 11 AM at Frumah Packard Cemetery.
In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be made in memory of Audrey Grunfeld to Thistle Farms, 5122 Charlotte Pike, Nashville, TN 37209 #loveheals.

Date of Death: July 4, 2018
Burial Location
William Friedman
Born 1905
Died 12/19/1978
Edythe (Hoffman) Friedman
Born 1908
Died 5/10/1970 in Utica, NY