Bernard (Benzlon) Shacofsky
Born 1905
Died 6/7/1915

The funeral of Bernard Benzlon Shacofsky, 10. son of Hiram and Fanny Shacofsky who was killed by a street car opposite Forman Park last night, will be held from the family home, 710 Harrison St.. Wednesday afternoon at 2:00 p.m. Burial will be made at Frumah Packard Cemetery.
Syracuse Journal 1915

Brothers: Mortimer Shay 1893-5/16/1977, Maurice Shay 1893-1985, Dr. Gideon Shay 1901-1995, and Bernard (Benzlon) Shacofsky 1905-1915
Sisters: Bertha Karp and Edna W?
Niece: Leatrice Shay of Rockford, IL
Burial Location
Hiram Harris Shacofsky
Born 1860
Died 12/31/1917
Fannie Shacofsky
Born 1866 in Utica, NY
Died 12/26/1960 in Syracuse, NY