Samuel L Serling
Born 1892
Died 9/1/1945

Two sons: J. Robert Serling (1918–2010) (author, "The Presidents Plane Is Missing") two children -- Jennifer Serling and Jeffrey Serling, and four grandchildren.
Rodman "Rod" Serling (1924 - 1975) (actor, Twilight Zone) two daughters -- Jodi Serling (born 1950) and Anne Serling (born 1955) with Carol Serling.
Burial Location
Esther L (Cooper) Serling
Born 1893 in Russia RU
Died 3/5/1958 in Miami, FL
Sam and Esther Serling with their son, Rodman, who grew up to be the actor Rod Serling.
Samuel and son Rod.