Sara E (Shavlinsky) Freeman
Born 1883 in Nalstadt, Lithuania
Died 1/9/1956 in Syracuse, NY

Brothers: Jacob Shavlinsky of Montreal, and Manford Shavlinsky of Binghamton, and
Seven sisters, Mrs. Sarah Shavlinsky (Louis) Freeman1883-1/9/1956 and Mrs. Esther Shavlinsky (Ernest) Laminertz 1893-1985 of Syracuse, Mrs. William Rubin of Detroit, Mrs. Isidore Spellman, Mrs. Jacob Overman and Mrs. Leo Rubin of Binghamton, and Mrs. Carl Trotte of Brooklyn
Burial Location
Louis Freeman
Born 1876
Died 1948
Max Shavlinsky
Born 1860 in Russia RU
Died 12/26/1933 in Syracuse, NY
Sarah "Fannie" Shavlinsky
Born 1861
Died 11/15/1920