Lazarus Cohen
Born 1867
Died 10/8/1941 in Syracuse, NY

Lazarus came from an area called Bessarabia, which is now known as Moldova. He was a tailor and dry cleaner and had a shop for over 35 years near Syracuse University. Students and faculty knew him as "Cohen the Tailor." He was a member of the Young Mens and Ladies Benevolent Society, the Bessarabian Relief Society, and Temple New Beth Israel. He married Freda Naftalovich Goldberg. Next to their graves is a small foot-stone that says "Daughter."
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Frieda Naftalovich Cohen (1873 - 1956)*
Burial Location
Frieda (Naftalovich) Cohen
Born 1874 in Bessarabia (Moldova)
Died 7/7/1956 in Syracuse, NY