Motek Nachum
Born 1899
Died 10/9/1933 in Syracuse, NY

Tombstone reads: L1: [abbreviation] Here lies [buried; L2: avreich m hullal, bachur nechmad - the honored friend/fellow/yeshiva student, amiable/nice young man, L3: Motek (nickname for "Mordechai) son of Mr. Nachum. The date is on the third line - maybe 19th of Tishrei. According to the fifth line, he died at age 34. The last word line 4 could be the surname "Stock" or "Stack." There is a Max Stack who lived in Syracuse in 1926. Year of death could be 1933. (tav resh tzadi gimel, end of 4th line), month of Tishrei.
Burial Location
Mr. Nachum