Louise Mildred (Lipsy) Kline
Born 1915
Died 1987 in Rochester, NY

Family -- One of six children, Clem, Irene Davidson, Louise Kline, Charlotte, Dan and Chuck.
Sisters -- Charlotte Lipsy 7/3/1973
Louise Mildred (Lipsy) Kline 1915-1987 in Rochester, NY
Irene Davidson
Brothers -- Clement Lipsy 1920-7/12/2010 in Syracuse, NY
Charles "Chuck" Lipsy 1/20/1913-10/6/1988 in Dewitt, NY
Daniel Lipsy 1908-1969
Burial Location
Norman M Kline Veteran WWII
Born 1912
Died 12/19/1993 in Rochester, NY
Benny Lipsy
Born 1880
Died 8/2/1938 in Syracuse, NY
Minnie Lipsy
Died 9/10/1959