Benjamin "Ben" M Cooper
Born 1899 in Auburn, NY
Died 10/26/1985 in Syracuse, NY


Brothers -- Ben Cooper and Sam Cooper of Syracuse, NY
Sisters -- Fannie (Cooper) Kupperman 1885-1952 in Los Angeles, CA
Ida Ruth (Cooper) Freeman 1887-1953
Esther L (Cooper) Serling 1893 in Russia RU-Died 3/5/1958 in Miami, FL
Mrs. Edward Rosenthal
Daughter: Elinor G. Freeman of Fayetteville; and two granddaughters Jamie (Michael) Saks, Beth (Scott) Freeman-Warren,
Son: Arnold Gordon Born 7/3/1938 in Syracuse, NY - Died 2/27/1995 in Fayetteville, NY
Grandsons: two sons, Jeremy Gordon of Richmond, Va. and Randy Gordon of Fayetteville
Burial Location
Leona Hoffman (Gordon) Cooper
Born 9/28/1910
Died 12/22/2006