Morris Blumberg
Born 9/19/1895
Died 4/19/1975 in Syacuse, NY

Morris may have worked for the Daw Drug Company at some point. He later worked for Rite Aid Pharmacy and Henry\\'s Fine Jewelry. He was a member of Temple Society of Concord, Mt Sinai Lodge of the Masons, and Onondaga Post 131, Jewish War Veterans.
Family links:
Estelle R. Goldberg Blumberg (1898 - 1971)
Brother: Samuel Blumberg 1892-1962
Morris Blumberg 1895-1975
Sister: Bertha Blumberg died 1/29/1977
Burial Location
Esther "Estelle" R (Goldberg) Blumberg
Born 1898 in Syracuse, NY
Died 5/4/1971 in Syracuse, NY
Ida R (Weber) Blumberg
Died 12/30/1948