Werner Happek
Born 1923 in Germany DU
Died 10/12/1944 in Syracuse, NY

 Holocaust Survivor 

Born in Germany, he was a survivor of the Holocaust. His family escaped Germany with a visa allowing them to enter Cuba; and then entered the US through NYC. They ultimately settled in Syracuse. Sadly, Werner had a heart condition, and died in Syracuse.


Brother: Jerry Happek Born 3/25/1921 in Germany DE - Died 3/21/2015 in Syracuse, NY
Nieces Wendy (Gregory Stauf) Happek, and Susan Happek.
Burial Location
Kurt Sigmund Happek
Born 12/2/1887 in Berlin, Germany DU
Died 12/1/1952 in New York City, NY
Erna (Goldshmidt) Rothschild Holocaust Survivor 
Born 7/12/1888 in Hamburg, Germany GE
Died 11/22/1980 in Syracuse, NY
On the 12th of October my very much loved son Werner Happek left Syracuse, NY at the budding age of 20 years old. In deep pain: Kurt Happek